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Children's Libraries

Children's Room Entrances

Fanciful entrance designs that entices young readers and lets them know that the world of books inside is indeed magical.

Reading Nooks & Play Spaces

Whether it's a set-apart picture book area, a puppet theater, a train car or truck to sit in while reading, a fanciful place to display artwork, or anything else your library staff can dream up, we can make that dream come true!

Digital or Dimensional Wall Murals

No no -- not just a wall painted with a design, but a diorama-like wall of color and movement and fantasy.  Whether a colorful digitally-printed mural (unlike traditional murals, so easy to replace if a little one should go astray with a Sharpie marker) custom designed for your community, or a wall of layered shapes and colors and characters worked into a theme that's yours alone, here's a way to transform a whole room without taking up an inch of floor space!

Circulation/Librarian Desks

Your circulation desk or children's librarian desk is the central hub of the children's room -- let us create one that highlights your theme!  If your old desk is functioning just fine except for being a little shabby looking, let us give it a brand new look without having to order a brand new desk!

Teen-centric Designs

While best known for our designs for younger children's spaces, our background in theatrical design certainly equips us to design to any sensibility.  Teen edginess is always a fun change of pace, and we welcome the chance to create an environment that 'cool' enough for your teens!

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