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About Us

Janice Davis Design LLC creates custom décor for children’s libraries that entice children, teens and their families to visit and make use of their local library, adding a whole new aspect to the phrase “reading is fun!”

Every design is unique, based on the assets and challenges of each individual space, and each Library Director’s own personal vision. 


We draw on techniques from our stage and television set design background and translate them into fun and functional interiors that are repeatedly singled out by American Libraries Magazine and other publications.


Whether designing a 6,000 square foot children’s area with generous corporate underwriting, or a tiny children’s room where every dollar is a major consideration, our pledge to our customers is that each dollar, however many or few, will be stretched to it’s maximum effect (and then some!).  

About Janice
Janice Davis

Janice Davis is the President and Founder of Janice Davis Design LLC, a New York-based company she started over two decades ago, whose work has been seen throughout the country and around the world.  As Lead Designer, she brings a fresh sensibility, informed by her background as a theatrical set designer, to children’s libraries, as well as teen spaces and general library décor and signage. 

Originally trained as a theatrical set designer, Janice began her career designing for musical theatre and opera.  Strangely enough, these set design skills translate into public space design perfectly -- in a sense even moreso than straight-up interior design. A set designer doesn’t just design a pretty space; she designs 

for what will occur within that space.  Be it an actor performing a play, a salesperson selling a product, or a child learning to read, Janice’s designs are there to enhance the process and make the experience memorable.


Expanding the business to include design for themed retail stores, corporate and exhibits and events (including the design for the Super Bowl XX Half Time Show) led to the first request she received to design a children’s library, The Trove in White Plains, New York.  Upon seeing the excitement on the faces of the children and hearing them exclaim “I want to come to the library all the time now!” she knew that this was to be the heart of the business from then on.

Janice received an MFA from New York University Tisch School of the Arts, and is a member of United Scenic Artists.  She has taught design at Hunter College, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Ramapo College and Manhattanville College, and has guest lectured at LaGuardia High School for Art and the Performing Arts in New York City. 


Outside of the studio, Janice’s love of travel has resulted in her authoring A Kid, A Grown Up & A Travel Bug: A you-can-do-it travel guide to one-on-one getaways with your child, currently in it's second edition.  She sees her passion for travel not as separate from her design work, but as fueling it.  Seeing new places, styles and viewpoints is what keeps a designer’s work fresh, and allows new and unique ideas to continue to flow and avoid repetition.

Let us visit your library to discuss how we can create some

sparkle and magic for your community!

Call 917-520-7354 to set up a consultation.

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